Management Analysis: Overview (PGMT7000)

Management Analysis: Overview

Management Analysis: Overview


Receive a solid foundation in management analysis techniques. Provide more effective assistance when working closely with experienced management analysts. Become acquainted with the process of analysis and various data-gathering methods, so that you can work independently on parts of studies or complete an elementary study with minimum supervision.

This course has been revised.  Please see the new course, Introduction to Management Analysis (PGMT7010A)

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Who Should Attend?

Management technicians, supervisors, assistants, new program/management analysts, and those who anticipate doing elementary management analyses but have no formal training. This course also helps prepare those who have the potential for management analysis positions but do not currently possess the required technical knowledge.




2.4 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the role of the management analyst
  • Develop a basic study plan
  • Identify and describe issues or problems
  • Collect data employing the appropriate data collection methods
  • Interpret simple descriptive statistics for data analysis
  • Explain the fundamentals of developing a study report and presenting a briefing

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Day One

       What is management/program analysis
       Functions of the analyst
       Knowledge and skill requirements

Research: Purpose and Process
        Definition and characteristics of research
       Types of research
       The 7-Step scientific method
       Conducting research and research proposal and plan

Day Two

Problem (Issue) Definition
       Defining the problem or issue
       Problem definition model
       Six-step problem process
       Organizational context

Day Three

Research: Introduction to Data
       Planning for data collection
       Knowing the data
       Recording the data
       Classification of data
       Types of data

Data Collection Methods
       Methods and tools
       Informational interviewing
       Interviewing techniques
       Guideline for conducting the interview
       Questionnaires and/or surveys
       Parts of questionnaires
       Types of questions

Day Four

Data Collection Methods Continued
       Observation/records examination
       Work sampling
       ADP flowcharts

Descriptive Statistics
       Percentage and percentage change
       Organizing data
       Graphs and charts
       Pie charts
       Measures of central tendency
       Measures of dispersion
       Standard deviation

Reports and Briefings
       Research report
       Briefing and communication techniques

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