Managing Multiple Priorities (ADMB7007)

Graduate School USA | Managing Multiple Priorities

Managing Multiple Priorities


Regain control over your workload, increase your efficiency, and ease your stress. Learn ways to dig out from beneath the mountain of paperwork, emails, and assignments, and eliminate anxiety over and frustration about your many responsibilities. Discover strategies for goal setting and prioritizing, as well as methods for overcoming procrastination. Learn to handle professional challenges with confidence!




0.6 CEU's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and resolve barriers to setting priorities
  • Prioritize tasks based on degree of importance and urgency
  • Apply the SMART goal-setting system
  • Plan your time more efficiently
  • Eliminate time wasters
  • Organize and handle paperwork and files efficiently

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Module 1:

  • The Importance of Setting Priorities

Module 2:

  • Looking at the Big Picture

Module 3:

  • Prioritization Strategies

Module 4:

  • Personality-based Barriers

Module 5:

  • Time: Saving It, Making It, Managing It

Module 6:

  • Planning and Organizing


  • Notes
  • Time Log
  • Time Conflicts
  • To Do List
  • Reference Materials
  • Additional Resources

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