Reviewing Other People's Report Writing (AUDT9502)

Reviewing Other People's Report Writing

Reviewing Other People's Report Writing


Reviewing draft audit reports written by others is a critical and delicate skill. Critiquing the writing, not the writer is the golden rule. Learn a structured process for efficiently evaluating the accuracy, appropriateness and readability of audit reports and for checking that findings are convincing, clear, objective, and complete yet concise. Discover how best to provide effective, constructive feedback with the ultimate goal of preparing better drafts and improving your writing skills. Practice applying the structured review process and developing new feedback skills through individual and group exercises.

Who Should Attend?

Auditors who review reports written by other auditors.




16.0 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  •     Explain the role and responsibility of the reviewer
  •     Use Government Auditing Standards as the foundation throughout the report review, feedback and revision process
  •     Describe an eight-step review process for evaluating audit report drafts
  •     Apply this structured review process to evaluate communication problems quickly in draft reports you review
  •     Provide effective oral and written feedback from the review process to those who draft audit reports

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Module 1: Structured Review

Module 2: Applying Review Steps

Module 3: Feedback

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