Simplified Acquisition Procedures (ACQI7506)

Simplified Acquisition Procedures

Simplified Acquisition Procedures


Learn the basics of simplified acquisition procedures, necessary for those involved in making some of the millions of purchases of essential products and services required by federal agencies. Learn how to perform better by using the latest electronic enhancements in the acquisition process. Learn about GSA schedules and other sources of supply that will make your job easier.

Related Certificate Program:

This course is part of the Certificate of Accomplishment in Personal Property Management

Who Should Attend?

All federal employees making purchases of products and services within the simplified acquisition thresholds as well as other purchases from required sources of supply and existing contracts, such as GSA schedules.


$ 1,499.00


40 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Clearly state customer requirements
  • Locate sources of supply
  • Solicit for competition
  • Receive and evaluate quotations
  • Prepare appropriate documents
  • Use appropriate purchasing methods
  • Make contract awards
  • Ensure contract performance complies with requirements

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Day one of five

  • Course Welcome, Overview and Introductions
  • Laws and Regulations
    • Sources of Authority and Responsibilities
    • Ratification of Unauthorized Commitments
    • Impact of Key Laws and Regulations
    • Acquisition of Commercial Items
    • SAP Purpose, Policies and Procedures
  • Procurement Integrity, Ethics and Standards of Conduct
  • Initiating the Purchase
    • Acquisition Planning and Market Research


Day two of five

  • Initiating the Purchase (continued)
    • Purchase Request (Requests/Specifications)
  • Determine Appropriate Sources
    • Required Sources-Supplies and Services
  • The Federal Supply Schedules Program
    • Role of GSA and Federal Supply Schedules and Features
    • Using Multiple Award Schedules


Day three of five

  • Small Business Requirements
    • Small Business Policy and Small Business Concerns
    • Set Asides
    • Small Business Determinations and Programs
  • Simplified Acquisition Methods
    • Blanket Purchase Agreements, Imprest Funds, SF-44


Day four of five

  • Soliciting for Competition, Negotiation and Evaluation
    • Solicitation
    • Soliciting for Competition and the Extent of Competition
    • Publicizing Requirements
    • Types of Solicitations: Electronic, Oral and Written-RFQ
    • Single-Source and Micro Purchase Solicitation Requirements
    • Solicitation Response Time
    • Requirements for Service and Construction Contracts
    • Davis-Bacon Act and Service Contract Act
    • Receiving Quotations and Legal Effects of Quotations
    • Discussions with Offerors and Evaluation of Quotations
    • Price Analysis, Technical Evaluation and Other Evaluation Factors
    • Buy American Act
    • Past Performance and Responsiveness


Day five of five

  • Contract Award and Administration
    • Determining Responsibility and Notification of Award-Debriefing
    • Contract Administration
    • Inspection and Acceptance
    • Nonconformance
    • Modification of Purchase Orders
    • Cancellation and Termination of Orders
    • Prompt Payment Act and When to Pay Invoices
    • Maintaining Files and Documentation
  • Course Summary and Closing

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