Using and Presenting HR Data for Organizational Decisions (STAF8016)

Using and Presenting HR Data for Organizational Decisions

Using and Presenting HR Data for Organizational Decisions


Formerly titled: Using HR Analytics.

Learn what HR data analysis is and how it will help you as an HR practitioner help your agency accomplish its mission and goals. Learn what data to collect and how to assess and analyze that data to gain meaningful insights that clarify decision points and make evidence-based decisions that support business and mission strategies. Gain skill in clearly and effectively presenting data to agency decision makers so that they can both understand and use your analysis. Focus on leveraging data to improve your agency’s hiring practices, diversity, attrition rate, succession planning, and accountability for mission accomplishment.

This course is part of the Certificates of Accomplishment in Human Resources Management.

Who Should Attend?

HR practitioners as well as administrative staff who need an understanding of how data does and should drive HR decision-making.




1.2 CEU's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the data HR practitioners need to clarify decision points and identify where to collect the data

  • Assess and analyze data to make HR decisions that support business and mission strategies

  • Leverage data to improve agency HR practices for mission accomplishment

  • Present data-driven recommendations and decisions to management and other invested parties

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  • Module 1
    • Analyzing HR Data
  • Module 2
    • Consulting with Decision Makers Using HR Analysis
  • Module 3
    • HR Data Sources
  • Module 4
    • Working with HR Analytics
  • Module 5
    • Presenting Your HR Data Analysis

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