Using Metrics to Assess Performance (AUDT8027)

Using Metrics to Assess Performance

Using Metrics to Assess Performance


Apply a measurement-based approach to assess the adequacy of government program operations performance. Learn how to prepare metrics of timeliness, quality, economy and efficiency, and how to apply those metrics in determining the adequacy of agency performance in producing and delivering program goods and services. Understand how to apply analytic methods in determining the cause of performance shortcomings and the potential for cost savings.

Engage in numerous public sector case studies where you prepare appropriate metrics; analyze the nature, extent, and cause of shortcomings; and organize the audit results into a finding.

Who Should Attend?

Auditors who want to use metrics to systematically identify performance problems during an audit.




24.0 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply measurement techniques to assess program operations and performance
  • Cite four things auditors must know and agree on if they are to use measures in assessing the adequacy of performance and the potential for cost savings
  • Define the aspects of performance that auditors often find relevant in assessing performance
  • Prepare metrics using quantitative and qualitative data and use those metrics to systematically identify performance problems
  • Plan an audit to assess an entity's success in producing and delivering quality products and services timely, economically and efficiently
  • Apply an analysis and logic approach to identify changes in a process that will improve performance
  • Develop findings that address the nuances that arise in reporting findings for performance improvement and cost savings

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Module 1: Assessing Performance - The Basics

Module 2: Measuring Performance

Module 3: Unique Finding Components

Module 4: Planning Audits That Use Metrics

Module 5: Auditing Timeliness

Module 6: Auditing Quality

Module 7: Auditing Economy for Cost Savings

Module 8: Auditing Efficiency for Cost Savings

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