GSUSA: Now a Proud Partner of the Chief Financial Officers Council


GSUSA: Now a Proud Partner of the Chief Financial Officers Council

Workforce Modernization Demands Professional Development Education

Graduate School USA is thrilled to announce we have been selected as a trusted training provider for the Chief Financial Officers Council (CFOC). As technological advancements continue revolutionizing the workplace, ongoing education is vital to the success of the CFOC—which is comprised of the CFOs and Deputy CFOs of the largest U.S. federal agencies and senior officials of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Department of the Treasury and the General Services Administration (GSA).

In coordination with the OMB, we’ve developed a curation of programs to foster workforce modernization within the financial community. Through this initiative, we aim to deliver a comprehensive learning experience to aid the federal government’s mission to better serve the public.

Discover Programs Aligned With More Than 50 Competency Areas

A longtime training provider to federal agencies, GSUSA equips career learners with the knowledge essential for success in financial management. Our on-site trainings and online professional development courses cover everything from accounting standards to data analytics resources.

Gain Real-World Skills and Advance Your Career

From entry-level to senior positions, students at all phases of their careers will find trainings at GSUSA to help them achieve their professional goals. This pilot program—the Career Planning and Training Tool (CPTT)—enables federal employees to identify and compare GSUSA courses based on the career skills they teach.

Financial Management (FM) Career Map Competency Areas

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Basic Governmental Auditing (AUDT7001)

Conducting Performance Audits(AUDT7002)

Federal Appropriations Law for Auditors (AUDT7010)

Audit Evidence and Documentation (AUDT7011)

Interviewing Techniques for Auditors (AUDT7012)

Financial Management Bootcamp for Federal Auditors (AUDT7020)

Developing and Presenting Audit Findings (AUDT7021)

Counterintelligence for Information Security and Protection (AUDT7200)

Auditing Grants (AUDT7407)

Governmental Auditing Standards: Update and Review (AUDT7732)

Analysis Techniques for Auditors (AUDT7900)

Managers and Auditors Roles in Assessing Internal Controls (AUDT8003)

Detection and Prevention Detection of Fraud (AUDT8004)

Quick Response Auditing (AUDT8011)

Creative an Critical Thinking for Auditors (AUDT8012)

Assessing Controls in Performance Audits (AUDT8021)

Information Technology for Auditors (AUDT8024)

Using Metrics to Assess Performance (AUDT8027)

Information Systems Auditing (AUDT8029)

The Government Audit: From Planning to Reporting (AUDT8032)

Effective Audit Resolution, Follow-up and Implementation (AUDT8034)

Contract and Procurement Fraud (AUDT8036)

Assessing the Reliability of Computer Processed Data (AUDT8043)

Intermediate Performance Auditing (AUDT8046)

Compliance Auditing (AUDT8095)

Auditing with Data Analytics (AUDT8100)

Practical Statistical Sampling for Auditors (AUDT8112)

Preparing Effective IG Semiannual Reports to Congress (AUDT8300)

Planning Audit Assignments (AUDT8451)

Writing Audit Reports by Objectives (AUDT8511)

Presentation and Briefing Skills for Auditors (AUDT8522)

Written Communication for Auditors (AUDT8611)

Contract Auditing (AUDT8801)

Assessing Financial Related Activities and Controls (AUDT8811)

Emotionally Intelligent Auditor: The Power of Influence and Situational Awareness (AUDT8911)

Enterprise Risk Management: Executive Seminar (AUDT8912)

Data Analytics Tools and Techniques (AUDT8913)

Selecting and Planning Audits for Return on Investment (AUDT8914)

Data Analytics for Fraud Detection (AUDT8915)

Zeroing in on Bribes and Kickbacks (AUDT8950)

Effective Audit Supervision (AUDT9002)

Leadership, Motivation and Accountability for High Performance Audit Organizations (AUDT9010)

Auditing Performance Outcomes (AUDT9012)

Army Managers Internal Control Administrators Course (AUDT9015)

Ethical Decision Making for Auditors/Leaders (AUDT9030)

Coaching Audit Staff for High Performance (AUDT9035)

Managing the Audit Engagement (AUDT9102)

Skills for Leading and Managing Audit Projects (AUDT9109)

Reviewing Other Peoples Report Writing (AUDT9502)

Making Your Case to Prosecute Fraud (AUDT8090)

Management & Leadership:

Building Effective Organizational Relationships: A Supervisor's RX (COMM8210)

Executive Survival Skills (EXEC9911)

Leading People (EXEC9912)

Managing for Results (EXEC9913)

Financial Management Bootcamp for New Federal Managers (FINC7010)

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders (LEAD8007)

Leadership, Motivation and Accountability for High Performance Organizations (LEAD9020)

Introduction to Management (MGMT7099)

From Peer to Leader: Successfully Navigating the Transition (MGMT7125)

Leading Change (MGMT7201)

Decision Making and Problem Solving (MGMT8102)

Leadership Communication (MGMT8112)

Preparing to Lead in the 21st Century (MGMT9020)

Strategic Planning for Government Organizations (MGMT9200)

Introduction to Supervision (SUPV7001)

Jump Starting High Performance Teams: The Fundamentals (TDEV7021)

Leading Teams and Groups (TDEV8200)

Executive Writing (WRIT9001)

Aspiring Leader Program

New Leader Program

Executive Leadership Program

Executive Potential Program

Federal Human Resources Management (PMGT7011)

Federal Workforce Analysis and Planning (PMGT7013)

Strategic Human Capital Management (PMGT7015)

Federal Human Resources Management for Supervisors and Managers (PMGT7102)

Family and Medical Leave Act for Supervisors and HR Practitioners (PMGT7510)

Coaching Skills for Today's Leaders (MGMT9002)

Mentoring Skills (MGMT7006)

Leadership Essentials (MGMT7020)

Your Role in Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility in Government (DEIA) (MGMT8012)

Creating A Culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility in Government (MGMT8011)

Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors (ADMB7006)

Negotiating Techniques (MGMT9104 & 9105)