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Graduate School USA Hosts Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance

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Posted on Jun 29, 2018

Graduate School USA (GSUSA) hosted an 18-member delegation of officials from Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance for a 10-day program titled “Public Finance Reform in the Context of Globalization towards Sustainable Development: Lessons Learned for Vietnam.” The program took place in Washington DC and New York City.

GSUSA was responsible for arranging all details of the training program, which included classroom instruction and meetings with city and federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Treasury, Select USA, staff from the U.S. Senate Budget Committee and the Cato Institute. The delegation had four days of classroom training focused on public finance reform, attracting foreign direct investment, state-owned enterprises, globalization, and strategic leadership.

The classroom trainings also focused on topics specific to Vietnam, such as managing and reforming State-Owned Enterprises. The delegation participated in several site visits, enjoyed guided city tours in DC and New York, and visited museums, monuments, and shopping centers. The program was funded by the Government of Vietnam’s Monitoring Office of Program 165, a national office established to provide public leadership, management, and training opportunities for Vietnamese government leaders and officials.

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