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ARAB1151E001 - Introductory Arabic I

Learn the sounds of Modern Standard Arabic to build the foundation for further study of the language. Learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet, individual words and phrases. Engage in simple conversations involving greetings, introductions, colors, numbers, expressions and short sentences.
Code: ARAB1151E001

ARAB1152E001 - Introductory Arabic II

Engage in simple Arabic conversations about yourself and your immediate surroundings. Expand your knowledge of Arabic script to include sentences and paragraphs and gain a better understanding of Arabic culture. Role-plays and interactive discussions allow you to practice simple conversations in a...
Code: ARAB1152E001

ARAB1153E001 - Introductory Arabic III

Build on your introductory level reading, writing and oral skills in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Practice using more complex Arabic vocabulary in dialogues and learn to use present, past, and future tenses in conversation and writing. Discuss short readings on a variety of topics. Additional...
Code: ARAB1153E001

ARAB1154E001 - Introductory Arabic IV

Concluding the introductory year of Arabic, you learn to read Arabic with greater ease, increase your knowledge of Arabic culture and engage in more sophisticated conversations using increasingly complex vocabulary and grammar. Grammar focuses on the various particles, passive voice, verb positions...
Code: ARAB1154E001

ARAB2210E001 - Intermediate Arabic I

This course is designed to increase proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening to Arabic. Intended for participants who have recently completed at least one year of college-level Arabic. Additional Information:View the Foreign Language Level Guidance.View the Term course schedule.
Code: ARAB2210E001

ARAB9252E001 - Advanced Arabic III

Conducted completely in Arabic, students perfect their use of Arabic grammar and syntax through written assignments and oral discussions. Further study of newspapers and literature in the Arabic world are explored.
Code: ARAB9252E001

ARAB2211E001 - Intermediate Arabic II

Build your knowledge of grammar and apply new concepts in short paragraphs, reading passages, dialogues and role-plays. Use communicative expressions, and learn to express conditions, reasons, hope and circumstance. Grammar includes the use of negative particles, verbs of approximation, the passive...
Code: ARAB2211E001

ARAB2212E001 - Intermediate Arabic III

Learn to use moods of the present tense, conditional sentences, and the passive of hollow verbs and complex grammar in short paragraphs. Use your knowledge of more complex grammar to understand short reading passages. Discuss terms children use to address their parents, children's nicknames and...
Code: ARAB2212E001

ARAB9250E001 - Advanced Arabic I

Extensive conversation and reading of more advanced texts and periodicals are the basis for discussion in this course. More difficult structures are presented as idiomatic expressions, proverbs and more sophisticated vocabulary. Participants are asked to write short compositions on specific...
Code: ARAB9250E001

ARAB9251E001 - Advanced Arabic II

Authentic texts and periodicals serve to build vocabulary and engender discussion in this advanced level course. Grammar points include prepositional phrases, nouns with verb a verb force, idioms, the verb of hope and verbs of beginning and patterns of the passive participle. Cultural discussions...
Code: ARAB9251E001

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Abdulrazzak Aldhobhani , holds a master's degree and certificate from (ACTFL), American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, a “Superior” rating in Oral & Written Arabic. He taught Arabic/MSA at several universities and institutions in the Metropolitan Area such as: The American University...

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