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ENVS8179E001 - Environmental Ethics

The relationship between humans and their environment raises the question of what role the human ought to play as citizens of the world. Broadly, the course tracks three analytical frameworks: the environmental rights framework (do humans have the right to a clean environment?); the utilitarian...
Code: ENVS8179E001

ENVS8317E001 - Environmental Policy and Politics

Explore the background and context of environmental policy-making and politics in the areas of: air and water pollution control, hazardous waste management, land use, and protection of natural resources: both living and non-living. Examine case studies surrounding the development and implementation...
Code: ENVS8317E001

ENVS8318E001 - Environmental Policy: Solid Waste and Hazardous Materials

Explore the underlying principles that shape environmental laws regarding waste. Examine the major provisions of these laws and their impact on emerging issues. Explore the Solid Waste Disposal Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and...
Code: ENVS8318E001

ENVS8319E001 - Environmental Policy: Pesticides and Toxic Substances

Learn how the law and policy related to two environmental statutes regulate the use of new and existing chemicals in commerce. The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) is a licensing statute primarily governing the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The Toxic...
Code: ENVS8319E001

ENVS8321E001 - International Environmental Law

Examine the background of international environmental law and its sources. Discover how organizations with international reach contribute to the development of environmental law. Discuss in detail the structure of international environmental law including enforcement. In an international legal...
Code: ENVS8321E001

ENVS8435E001 - NEPA: Policy Procedure and Science/Art

Learn about the philosophy and practice of ecological theory and discuss contemporary challenges to effective implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA establishes national environmental policy, goals and implementation processes for the protection, maintenance and...
Code: ENVS8435E001

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Evening and Weekend Programs: Certificate of Accomplishment in Environmental S

Certificate of Accomplishment in Environmental Studies Environmental Studies applies the science of the natural world and human behavior to understand how the two interact and the impact on environmental resources. The Environmental Studies Certificate is designed to provide students with a...

Evening and Weekend Programs: Certificate of Accomplishment in Paralegal Studi

Certificate of Accomplishment in Paralegal Studies As a member of a legal team, the paralegal must understand the professional terms, proceedings, and background of the American legal system. The certificate of accomplishment program in Paralegal Studies prepares the participant for a career as a...

Evening & Weekend Courses - Spring 2018

Evening & Weekend Courses - Spring 2018 Please click on the course title to view course information, availability, description and to register. To view all terms go to the course search page. Course ID Title Start Date End Date Price Instructor Confirmed ACCT1099E Introduction to Accounting 04/1...

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