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RUSS1151E001 - Introductory Russian I

Intended for participants with little or no prior knowledge of Russian, this course provides an introduction to reading, writing and pronouncing the Cyrillic alphabet. Basic grammatical structures and vocabulary are introduced, providing a basis for speaking, understanding, reading and writing...
Code: RUSS1151E001

RUSS1153E001 - Introductory Russian III

Improve your Russian reading, writing and speaking skills. This high introductory-level Russian class introduces participants to new grammatical structures, including an overview of aspects of the accusative, dative, genitive and instrumental cases. New vocabulary is also presented.Additional...
Code: RUSS1153E001

RUSS2210E001 - Intermediate Russian I

Improve fluency in Russian conversation and reading by participating in discussions and presentations. Designed for those who have recently completed at least one year of college-level Russian, this course introduces participants to intermediate grammatical and vocabulary topics. Additional...
Code: RUSS2210E001

RUSS9412E001 - Advanced Russian I

The country and people of Russia come alive through conversation, newspapers and magazines, video clips from contemporary Russian television programs, writing assignments, and oral presentations. Complex grammar topics are addressed in readings and discussions. Prerequisite: Intermediate level III...
Code: RUSS9412E001

RUSS9413E001 - Advanced Russian II

Focusing on topics of contemporary importance in today's Russia, students in this advanced class develop their abilities to express themselves using complex syntax and grammar in written assignments and oral presentations. Conducted entirely in Russian, the class addresses Russian politics and...
Code: RUSS9413E001

RUSS9414E001 - Advanced Russian III

Conducted completely in Russian, students further perfect their use of Russian grammar and syntax through written assignments and oral discussions. Further study of Russian newspapers and literature are explored to enhance students knowledge of the country.
Code: RUSS9414E001

RUSS1152E001 - Introductory Russian II

Designed for participants with some basic knowledge of the language, this course focuses on the development of reading and oral skills and builds vocabulary through writing exercises and grammar review. Additional Information:View the Term course schedule.
Code: RUSS1152E001

RUSS2211E001 - Intermediate Russian II

Those with a solid background in the language will build writing skills and expand vocabulary.
Code: RUSS2211E001

RUSS2212E001 - Intermediate Russian III

This course provides further development of skills in reading, writing and vocabulary using foreign newspapers. The course is designed for participants with a good knowledge of the language. Additional Information:View the Term course schedule.
Code: RUSS2212E001

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