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Graduate School USA’s Program and Management Analysis curriculum supports individuals working in many different job roles and at all levels. The curriculum provides a solid foundation of analytical skills and core management practices that are essential for a progressive career.

Management and Program Analysis's frequently make recommendations to management regarding operations and provide information to aid decision making. The nature of the work often involves fact-finding, analyzing and presenting results.

The Management and Program Analysis’s work includes a wide variety of projects and assignments. Therefore the Graduate School USA curriculum assembles a diversity of skills, including analysis techniques, data gathering, problem solving, management and technical competency.

As organizations seek ways to use resources more efficiently and navigate internal changes, the demand for program/management analysts is expected to remain strong. To continue strengthening your skills and increasing your knowledge, consider some of the related courses below.

As your partner in training, Graduate School USA also offers a certificate of accomplishment to help guide the skill development for management and program analysts. Learn more about the Certificate of Accomplishment in Management and Program Analysis.

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Management and Program Analysis Certificate Program

Management and Program Analysis Certificate Program

Earn your Certificate of Accomplishment in Program and Management Analysis, which covers key concepts and skills required by the successful management/program analyst, with work that includes fact finding, evaluating, researching, investigating, data mining, problem solving, communicating, and more.

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Upcoming Management and Program Analysis Classes

Management and Program Analysis Classes

Register for our courses that help you develop a full and well-rounded mastery of analytic skills. You will learn how to collect and use data; design studies; and evaluate specific programs administered by government departments and agencies.

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Virtual & On Demand Courses

Virtual & OnDemand Courses

In addition to in-person instruction, we also offer a variety of training modalities including virtual instructor-led, blended, and OnDemand online courses. Our extensive portfolio of courses are mapped to OPM proficiency with up-to-date content that can be immediately used on the job.

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