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Virtual Human Resources Classes

Virtual Human Resources Classes

Graduate School USA, the leader in federal human resources management training, delivers practical workforce solutions that can help prepare you for the real-life HR issues you face every day, all while advancing your career. GSUSA’s virtual online courses provide engaging, convenient, cost-effective instructor-led learning experiences for both organizations and individuals. Our HR courses are mapped to OPM proficiency levels and taught by instructors with real government experience. You will receive application-specific training that you can use right away.

List of Courses:

Adjudicating and Applying Veterans' Preference
Advanced Personnel Security Adjudication
Adverse Conduct and Performance-Based Actions
Basic Position Classification
Behavioral Job Interviewing to Hire the Best
Classification Refresher
CSRS and FERS Retirement and Benefits
EEO for Supervisors and Managers
EEO in the Federal Sector
Examining for Federal Wage System Jobs
Fair Labor Standards Act
Family and Medical Leave Act for Supervisors and HR Practitioners
Federal Classification Principles
Federal EEO Counseling
Federal Employee Benefits
Federal Employee Development
Federal Employee Relations (Basic)
Federal Employee Relations (Intermediate)
Federal Human Resources Management
Federal Human Resources Management for Supervisors and Managers
Federal Labor Relations (Basic)
Federal Labor Relations (Intermediate)
Federal Performance Management
Federal Position Management
Federal Staffing and Placement
Federal Workforce Analysis and Planning
Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts
Fundamentals of Conducting a Personnel Security Interview
Internal Consulting Skills for Federal HR Professionals
Intermediate Position Classification 

Job Analysis and Assessment Development
Making Exempt/Nonexempt Determinations
Managing Employee Conduct and Performance
Mid-Career Retirement Planning (FERS Only Participants)
Negotiating Federal Labor Agreements
Pay Setting: Federal Wage System
Pay Setting: General Schedule
Personnel Security Adjudication
Personnel Security and Suitability Adjudication
Position Classification for Supervisors and Administrative Staff
Pre-Retirement Planning
Pre-Retirement Planning (CSRS Participants Only)
Pre-Retirement Planning (FERS Participants Only)
Pre-Retirement Planning for Law Enforcement and Firefighters
Processing Federal Personnel Actions
Qualifications Analysis
Recruitment Strategies Using Social Media
Security Specialist Course
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees
Staffing for Support Staff
Strategic Human Capital Management
Suitability Adjudication
Understanding the Personnel Security Program
Using and Presenting HR Data for Organizational Decisions
Workers Compensation and Disability Retirement
Writing Federal Position Descriptions

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Graduate School USA (GSUSA) is the leader in federal human resources management training. Register for our upcoming courses, that are mapped to OPM proficiency levels, and prepare you to meet the HR challenges you face every day.

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