Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

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2 Days


Executives in leadership positions who want to develop emotional intelligence in themselves and others


1.2 CEU

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$899 Tuition covers all materials. (Travel is not included)

Course Description

Effective leaders come in all shapes and sizes, but a common characteristic is a high degree of what psychologists call "emotional intelligence." Research indicates that not only is emotional intelligence more important than technical skills or traditional cognitive skills in shaping leadership effectiveness, but an organization's success is directly related to the emotional intelligence level of its leaders. As the working environment continues to change, emotional intelligence skills become increasingly important in determining who succeeds and who fails. Learn how to assess, develop and apply the emotionally intelligent competencies required for a leadership position.

  • Describe the concept of emotional intelligence and how it relates to successful leadership performance
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence in your organization
  • Develop a specific action plan for applying emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Utilize emotional intelligence to make more well-informed decisions

Benefits to participants:

  • Have a better understanding of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in effective leadership.
  • Develop competencies related to interpersonal skills and oral communication.
  • Explore what counts in building coalitions and networks.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback.
  • Have a higher capacity for expanded leadership.

Benefits to organizations:

  • Retain, support and grow talent.

  • Can trust that their leaders will come away better equipped to lead and be led.
  • Have access to training with proven success for 30 years.

Is this Course for You?

This course is ideal for leaders and managers who want to learn more about emotional intelligence and how to develop it both for oneself and in others.

In order to receive a certificate of completion for Emotionally Intelligent Leaders, learners must attend all days of instruction and complete all course requirements.

Next Steps

This course is open enrollment. Participants register online through our student registration system either directly or through an agency representative.

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